Open Hosting Calculator

Open Hosting Calculator

This project was for Open Hosting, which is a cloud based hosting provider.  They wanted a nice calculator, where people would be able to calculate what their cost would be using their hosting services.

The design of the calculator was already pretty much done.  I had to change some things to get everything lining up correctly, but most of my work was on the javascript to get the calculator functioning correctly.  I used mostly jQuery with some vanilla javascript thrown in to get everything working.

It was harder then I first thought, with a combination of the price sliders, the various input boxes, and the duration drop downs that will change the pricing based on the duration selected.  But it was a fun project and something different for me.  The site itself was built on WordPress, and so I just created a custom page layout for the calculator itself.

You can view the calculator online at  I loved working with the people at Open Hosting and would love to do more projects for them in the future.

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