WordPress Development
I offer many different services, but my strength is WordPress development. Most of what I do on a daily basis revolves around creating custom themes and full sites developed around WordPress. So if you are looking to use WordPress in your next project, you have found the right person to help you out.

Custom Themes

I can build you a complete custom theme that works in WordPress. This theme can be designed by me (while my skills in design aren’t the best, I do have some) or you can provide a design that I will then code.

Theme Modification

If you have a theme you like, either a paid theme or free theme, but it doesn’t quite meet all your needs, I can help customize it to match what you are looking for. This usually requires less time and work then a complete custom theme.

Plugin Modification

If you have a plugin you like, but it doesn’t quite do what you want, I can modify that plugin to meet your requirements. If you have an idea for a completely new plugin, I might also be able to help you out with developing that as well.


You can check out my portfolio page for examples of all my work, and most of those sites are done in WordPress. For only the sites that were done using WordPress, you can view those in the WordPress category.